Logan Robertson

Until last year the space this building is on was 20 parking spaces. Now it’s 60 one bedroom units of Permanent Supportive Housing for chronically homeless individuals. The Epsicopalian Cathedral across the street gave the land and helped finance construction.

shared power, bro, I agree ✊

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Sonia Delaunay

ketchup fried rice w/ chicken nuggets my son wouldn’t eat and diced pickles 👍🏻

it’s a small pill but sharp

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memento mori

how often does a table of contents make you cry?

Arvo Pärt (1935- ) Since 2011 Pärt has been the most performed living composer in the world. No big deal.

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this is what I have to deal with at work

hello and welcome to 1998



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mom’s dad was a plumber

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