Logan Robertson

Right now my son’s Iron Man action figure is his son and he’s cooking Iron Man lunch and picking him up for school and getting him ready for bed, so yeah I’ve seen AVENGERS: END GAME. 🍿

You guys, I’m starting to think designing an entire society around cars was a bad idea.

It’s an awesome experience to sit and watch your kid play with LEGOs.

“We’re staring at you, dad.”


Gabriel Fauré composed Cantique de Jean Racine when he was 19 years old. 🎶

About once a month I toy with the idea of abandoning popular music altogether and listening only to Classical and Gregory Porter. 🎶


Who Killed My Father

“Among members of the global ruling class… politics remains a ‘question of aesthetics: a way of seeing themselves, of seeing the world, of constructing a personality.’” 📚

How to improve your handwriting. I’ve been embarrassed by my handwriting basically since I can remember. But handwriting helps me remember in a way that making notes w/ a computer doesn’t. So I shall endeavor to improve.


I’m here to supply all the nemesis related material you need.

Olga Suvorova, Annunciation

THE LIVES OF OTHERS is on Netflix. You should absolutely go watch it right now. The late Tim Polk, my honors advisor from undergrad, a New Testament scholar and Kierkegaardian, recommended it to me as we were discussing the limits of materialism. I think of it and him often. 🍿


Finished Ordination by Daniel M. Ford. As a book 1 in a triology there’s a fair amount of stage setting, but I enjoyed it. An entertaining, thought provoking read with deep characters and steady plot. 📚

Mouse Book Club takes classic books and makes them phone/pocket sized. mousebookclub.com

You don’t really know if you believe in nonviolence until someone is about to swing on you.

My kids (5 & 3 yrs) know that my dad died before they were born. Occasionally and totally at random they’ll announce, “Your dad is dead.”

… “yep.”

Parenthood is an experience.

Anthropologist Alfred Kroeber with baby Ursula K Le Guin (via @ScholarPics on Twitter) DC0744AC-3EFE-43FA-89AA-5C03D3DDB3A6.jpg

Teens ‘Like’ Everything on Social Media Now

“A like on social media… gives us a high… you get a squirt of dopamine every time you get a like or a positive response.”

More on awkwardness in my latest for Ministry Matters: Practicing Awkwardness.

I have an opportunity to do some freelance writing about homelessness for a nonprofit called Invisible People. They asked me about my compensation requirements and I really have no idea what to tell them…

Nathan Goldman: The furor over Ilhan Omar’s remarks is not about anti-Semitism (feels like a potential breach of community mores to post this on micro.blog but here goes)