Logan Robertson

THE LIVES OF OTHERS is on Netflix. You should absolutely go watch it right now. The late Tim Polk, my honors advisor from undergrad, a New Testament scholar and Kierkegaardian, recommended it to me as we were discussing the limits of materialism. I think of it and him often. 🍿


Finished Ordination by Daniel M. Ford. As a book 1 in a triology there’s a fair amount of stage setting, but I enjoyed it. An entertaining, thought provoking read with deep characters and steady plot. 📚

Mouse Book Club takes classic books and makes them phone/pocket sized. mousebookclub.com

You don’t really know if you believe in nonviolence until someone is about to swing on you.

My kids (5 & 3 yrs) know that my dad died before they were born. Occasionally and totally at random they’ll announce, “Your dad is dead.”

… “yep.”

Parenthood is an experience.

Anthropologist Alfred Kroeber with baby Ursula K Le Guin (via @ScholarPics on Twitter) DC0744AC-3EFE-43FA-89AA-5C03D3DDB3A6.jpg

Teens ‘Like’ Everything on Social Media Now

“A like on social media… gives us a high… you get a squirt of dopamine every time you get a like or a positive response.”

More on awkwardness in my latest for Ministry Matters: Practicing Awkwardness.

I have an opportunity to do some freelance writing about homelessness for a nonprofit called Invisible People. They asked me about my compensation requirements and I really have no idea what to tell them…

Nathan Goldman: The furor over Ilhan Omar’s remarks is not about anti-Semitism (feels like a potential breach of community mores to post this on micro.blog but here goes)

I am drowning in email today.

Looking for lightweight, well designed donor management software for the Mac (possibly also iOS, maybe web based?). Recommendations?

James Johnston, Study of Skull in Gold, 2019

If you see me in public bent over a computer with my head in one hand staring through my wrist at the screen, it’s likely whatever I’m writing has just started to go from total shit to passably good so PLEASE DON’T APPROACH AND ASK IF I’M OKAY. INFACT I’M DOING BETTER THAN USUAL.

Once as a kid I heard you should drink so many of glasses of water a day so that night I decided to drink a bunch of water before bed using my toothbrush as a kind of spoon. I can’t find that on brand tweet that was going around now but just pretend I could.

I’m going to call my first book: ‘Go Fuck Yourself!’ and Other Unexpected Wisdom in Christian Mission

Someone pulled a knife at Network tonight. No big deal.

I got paid (!) to write about awkwardness recently. www.ministrymatters.com/all/entry… There’s stuff about Jesus but you still might like it.

Embrace the Awkward www.ministrymatters.com/all/entry… My latest at Ministry Matters.

this is what I’ve become

got a tattoo of myself

Last night at Network: talking to a new guy outside. He was looking for his friend who he described as “a dark little pork chop eatin’ mutha fucka.” I said sorry I don’t know him. Then I found a perfect Kit-Kat style Reece’s bar in the middle of the sidewalk and gave it to him.

lol okay just my precious email address to combat this plague? gotcha