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Last night at Network: talking to a new guy outside. He was looking for his friend who he described as “a dark little pork chop eatin’ mutha fucka.” I said sorry I don’t know him. Then I found a perfect Kit-Kat style Reece’s bar in the middle of the sidewalk and gave it to him.

I’ll be contributing to Ministry Matters regularly for the foreseeable future. Here’s my latest: www.ministrymatters.com/all/entry…

What if every State of the Union response no matter who it’s delivered by or when is a just a fart in the wind?

I love the whole ethos around micro.blog. They way they communicate with users is straightforward and human. You get as much access to the guts of the platform as you need. Their pricing is fair. Reallly can’t speak highly enough of the experience I’ve had so far.

Tonight I’m not feeling so good about losing this job.

I not only lost a job in January, I’ve also lost 18 pounds since the beginning of the month.

Welp, I'm out of a job

Found out on Wednesday that I’ll be losing one of my jobs in the next month to month-and-a-half or so. I’ve been working part-time at Father Woody’s Haven of Hope for about six months now after working there in the same position, only full-time, for over a year before that. It’s not a surprise to me that they want to get someone in who can work at the shelter full-time. I think on Mondays and Tuesdays it was probably not that fun to be down a staff member, especially over the last two or three months, which have been hectic.

So, no hard feelings. I’ll stay on through the transition with the new person they bring on and try to leave them in the best shape possible to pick up where I left off. Frankly, it has felt a bit like I was waiting for the other shoe to drop for awhile now. When I first approached Woody’s to see if they’d be open to me going part-time back in June, I thought they’d say no. So I was already prepared then to need to figure something else out.

The good news is I’ve added a couple of paid gigs since then. I’m working as a contractor for The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado (scroll to the bottom of the staff section) and I have an agreement with the website Ministry Matters to contribute two posts a month, starting in February. These pieces don’t replace the money from Woody’s, but it makes it a little bit less painful in the meantime.

Ultimately, I’d like to serve as a Street Chaplain tending to homeless and formerly homeless folks—and maybe even outreach workers and frontline staff—which could also be a part-time thing in conjunction with my time at Network Coffee House and Interfaith Alliance. How that gets off the ground, exactly, is a bit foggy to me. Funding is the main thing, right? And then there has to be some kind of supervisory structure or ordaining body. I have more ideas for the latter than I do for the former, but I’ve learned over the last two or three years that with patience and some attentive receptivity these things can shake out in agreeable ways.

Every time I leave my Airpods at home I regret it.

Howard Schultz didn’t build a vaguely left of center company to be taxed by the government that makes his wealth possible, you guys.

“There should be less trifling with the label ‘atheism’ (which reminds one of children, assuring everyone who is ready to listen, that they are not afraid of the bogy man)… instead the content of philosophy should be brought to the people.” – Karl Marx 1842


Only monsters listen to podcasts at 2x.

Published in 2018

A few things I published last year that I’m proud of: * Becoming Poor and Finding Friendship on the Margins – Published in Circuit Rider, a quarterly periodical from the United Methodist Publishing House * Purell – A comic published over on Disembodied Beard * Martyreo Aletheia – Adapted from a so-so sermon, this made a much better blog post * [Going Back to 127]() – Based on a conversation with my 5-year-old daughter * When Someone is Covered in Shit – A good example of a challenging interaction at Network Coffee House

A also launched a history podcast with a friend called Doomed to Repeat It. You can find it on Sound Cloud and iTunes.

The New Old Fashioned Way

In an effort to pull back from the corporatization of the web by social media companies, I’m going to experiment with posting on this personal blog (hosted on Micro.blog) and on my other blog project, Disembodied Beard.

I’m planning smallish posts about what I’m reading and listening to, what I’m paying attetion to generally, and what I’m up to professionally.

Whether anyone will actually see what I post is a question, but I’ll see what I can do re. cross posting to Twitter and Facebook.

Currently reading: Ordination – Daniel M. Ford www.danielmford.com/books/