Logan Robertson

mom’s dad was a plumber

sure ok

Friedrich Gulda (1930-2000) piano prodigy and composer equally comfortable in classical and jazz, often combining genres within a single piece. Equally challenging and accessible.

moose hill cantina

hearing G. Love & Special Sauce on the radio is like a miracle

my wife

thug life

finally a candidate that can unite lakewood

this wasn’t the worst form of hegemonic masculinity, all things considered

this incredibly creepy charlie chaplin papercraft doll outside of my sleep study class is definitely going to keep me up tonight

my friend Will used to make fun of me for having “monkey toes”

uh huh

tom’s diner

can’t wait for CATS who’s w/ me (by @pantspants)


🍩 ☕️

henri and fred

“I don’t know about any dead body. I’m a biology teacher not a janitor! I’ve never even used that closet!!”

Happy 5th of July!

we make good babies

After only 11 years I got to see this very special person last week. Friendships where you can pick up where you left off even after years are very rare, but I wager Katie is one of those friends for more than a handful of people.

psalm 42

this cool dog can drive

Winifred Knights, Self-Portrait Sketching at a Table, c 1916