Logan Robertson

The worst part of writing is when it’s finished in your head but not on the page.

This is my 1965 copy of Dune (it was my uncle’s). There are books in the bookstore right now that are 2 to 2.5x thicker than this copy. They don’t seem to contain any extra content. Is this a marketing thing?

Buncha dinos in the yard yesterday. 878CE95A-F87F-48EA-9426-297E23C56D83.jpg

Smoosh George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte together, subtract white supremacy and you get—Simón Bolívar. 4407BF0B-8BD7-4E69-88FF-B7A3CEAA6FEF.jpg

Extremely yes. 6CD97997-72A6-498E-A8A7-C5F01416BD13.jpg

Squirrel Patrol 48A73E62-CD9D-4FD0-9863-E4A1FE411B80.jpg

If people are upset about the English translation in Squid Game they’re really gonna be mad when they find out about Frère Jacques.


Finally a dream realized. B4C90E82-6422-4040-A3DB-6AB760A0EB4C.jpg

Furball 48CD1C28-8282-439C-B6E5-2335CB9D4529.jpg

Something I’ve noticed recently is that when taking about mental illness and psychological/spiritual struggles I/others tend to be apologetic, as if to say, “Sorry I’m like this. Wish I wasnt. Will endeavor to do better. Gonna take a pill. Gonna go to therapy. Gonna be different.” I have exactly one friend who is definitely not what you’d call neurologically typical but who also has zero shame about himself, his condition, his coping mechanisms. Talking to him about depression, adhd, anxiety, etc is literally the freest and most comfortable I ever feel.

When we talk we might talk about things being hard but we don’t talk about “health” because, I think, he’s rejected the idea of health as a normative model of social control that ultimately reifies the pain of depression, anxiety, etc in the sufferer. I don’t know that he would frame it this way—I think he’d just say health is fuckin bullshit.

I’ve long been critical of “self-care” and I’m slowly coming around to view health itself as a category harmful to anyone who could be branded as neurologically atypical and frankly probably harmful to anyone who experiences pain (read: everyone). Anyway this is all half baked nonsense probably but I’m tired of apologizing to myself and the world for being the way I am.

Thanks, TL, for showing the way.

This is the Truth. 35A1B4D6-259E-4AB9-AB7A-E815F92961EF.jpg

“But @MayorHancock changed his mind”

Mayor Hancock stood in the way of Safe Outdoor Spaces in Denver for 9 months during a global pandemic until those of us who planned, designed, and advocated for the model realized what we were really dealing with and decided we would make it happen whether he liked it or not. After nearly implementing Safe Outdoor Space on city owned land only to have Mayor Hancock back off a third time at the last minute after receiving pressure from his well-heeled backers, we engaged churches for land which is what we should have done in the first place. It’s possible Mayor Hancock has changed his mind now that SOS exists in Denver but it doesn’t exist because he changed his mind. Most politicians can only imagine things that already exist. It takes prophetic imagination to believe in a better world.

I’m just a pastor. I’m not a politician and I don’t work in government. I don’t have to worry about political donations or optics or bureaucracy. But I knew SOS was a good model before it existed. And I knew that it was more humane than sweeping people trying to survive outside.

It’s wonderful that Mayor Hancock will get on national news in support of Safe Outdoor Space now that he knows what’s right. I hope he keeps getting opportunities to be a booster for the model and that his good example spreads to other great cities just like Denver. A48AE006-24C1-460D-9829-8966F65462B2.jpg

Got this stylish hat today.

The Internet is only tolerable when confronted with Instapaper in one hand and a RSS reader in the other.

I don’t think I’ve ever once thought, as a parent, “I’m doing a really terrific job at this.”


Have you ever thrown away a book?

First time I’ve ever put a sticker on a Mac 💻 9DF4D072-A349-473D-8B89-38497A93CCE4.jpg

The first mission in No Man’s Sky killed me 20? 25?? times before I completed it. Absolutely brutal old school approach.🕹

I have no idea if this book is any good or not but the title is a masterpiece.

There used to be cool, curated sites where you could grab wallpapers for your computer and later your phone. They all seem to be gone now. What happened?

Yup, just like the little license plate carousel at the gift shop. 71619035-AF09-493A-B2C6-F68C6BE37C67.jpg