Logan Robertson

it’s a small pill but sharp

This killed me. I’m dead now. 💀


memento mori

how often does a table of contents make you cry?

Arvo Pärt (1935- ) Since 2011 Pärt has been the most performed living composer in the world. No big deal.

oh mama

this is what I have to deal with at work

hello and welcome to 1998



v good clouds today

mom’s dad was a plumber

sure ok

Friedrich Gulda (1930-2000) piano prodigy and composer equally comfortable in classical and jazz, often combining genres within a single piece. Equally challenging and accessible.

moose hill cantina

hearing G. Love & Special Sauce on the radio is like a miracle

my wife

thug life

finally a candidate that can unite lakewood

this wasn’t the worst form of hegemonic masculinity, all things considered

this incredibly creepy charlie chaplin papercraft doll outside of my sleep study class is definitely going to keep me up tonight