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2020-01-21: An ideologically motivated historical gloss on the divide between establishment Democrats and the Bernie wing of the party Here’s my ideologically motivated historical gloss on the divide between establishment Democrats and …

2020-01-08: This is my church now.

2019-12-16: Until last year the space this building is on was 20 parking spaces. Now it’s 60 one bedroom units …

2019-12-12: shared power, bro, I agree ✊

2019-12-11: please follow my new project @mywifesdirtyknife link in bio instagram.com/mywifesdi…

2019-12-03: just… why?

2019-11-25: If you want one of these ridiculous cookies, you gotta brave the snow and come hang at …

2019-11-22: elon musk brain geneouse

2019-11-19: woke af

2019-11-14: Sonia Delaunay

2019-11-10: ketchup fried rice w/ chicken nuggets my son wouldn’t eat and diced pickles 👍🏻

2019-11-07: it’s a small pill but sharp

2019-11-06: This killed me. I’m dead now. 💀

2019-11-05: “ascareiums”

2019-11-02: memento mori

2019-10-23: how often does a table of contents make you cry?

2019-10-23: #potatoes #poetry #serious #instapoetry #drivel


2019-10-09: Arvo Pärt (1935- ) Since 2011 Pärt has been the most performed living composer in the world. No big …

2019-10-05: oh mama

2019-10-04: this is what I have to deal with at work

2019-09-27: hello and welcome to 1998

2019-09-25: 🍕

2019-09-19: miyazaki

2019-09-17: v good clouds today

2019-09-14: mom’s dad was a plumber

2019-09-14: sure ok

2019-09-10: Friedrich Gulda (1930-2000) piano prodigy and composer equally comfortable in classical and jazz, …

2019-09-07: moose hill cantina

2019-09-06: hearing G. Love & Special Sauce on the radio is like a miracle

2019-08-29: my wife

2019-08-28: thug life

2019-08-22: finally a candidate that can unite lakewood

2019-08-13: this wasn’t the worst form of hegemonic masculinity, all things considered


2019-08-01: this incredibly creepy charlie chaplin papercraft doll outside of my sleep study class is definitely …

2019-07-28: my friend Will used to make fun of me for having “monkey toes”

2019-07-23: uh huh

2019-07-23: tom’s diner

2019-07-18: can’t wait for CATS who’s w/ me (by @pantspants)

2019-07-17: breathe

2019-07-16: 🍩 ☕️

2019-07-13: henri and fred

2019-07-07: “I don’t know about any dead body. I’m a biology teacher not a janitor! I’ve never even used that …

2019-07-05: Happy 5th of July!

2019-07-02: we make good babies

2019-06-24: After only 11 years I got to see this very special person last week. Friendships where you can pick …

2019-06-23: psalm 42

2019-06-22: this cool dog can drive

2019-06-11: Winifred Knights, Self-Portrait Sketching at a Table, c 1916

2019-06-09: Lock screen

2019-06-05: O Clavis – Malcom Guite

2019-06-05: Mean Old Bastard I went to a public comment session tonight in Denver re updating zoning code to include tiny home …

2019-05-28: Nouwen

2019-05-27: Stuck John 5:1-9 After this there was a festival of the Jews, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. Now in …

2019-05-26: The bizzaro version of me competes in a type of dirt track stockcar racing. loganroberson.com

2019-05-26: RIP Bart Starr. The greatest of all time.

2019-05-25: Rigatoni al Segreto w/ my special helper

2019-05-23: I wish I was the kind of person, a relaxed enough or confident enough person, to be the kind of …

2019-05-07: Nora + Liam + Marcella ♥️

2019-05-04: Don’t mind me. Just chillin’ with my brand new Marcella.

2019-05-03: One difference between me and my dad is I only have kids I know about.

2019-04-23: Great, tightly themed album. 🎶

2019-04-19: high achievers

2019-04-17: Right now my son’s Iron Man action figure is his son and he’s cooking Iron Man lunch and picking him …

2019-04-08: You guys, I’m starting to think designing an entire society around cars was a bad idea.

2019-04-03: It’s an awesome experience to sit and watch your kid play with LEGOs.

2019-04-02: “We’re staring at you, dad.”

2019-04-02: ⛪️

2019-04-01: Gabriel Fauré composed Cantique de Jean Racine when he was 19 years old. 🎶

2019-04-01: About once a month I toy with the idea of abandoning popular music altogether and listening only to …

2019-03-31: Unbelievable

2019-03-30: Who Killed My Father “Among members of the global ruling class… politics remains a ‘question …

2019-03-29: How to improve your handwriting. I’ve been embarrassed by my handwriting basically since I can …

2019-03-28: ⚾️

2019-03-27: I’m here to supply all the nemesis related material you need.

2019-03-27: Olga Suvorova, Annunciation

2019-03-24: THE LIVES OF OTHERS is on Netflix. You should absolutely go watch it right now. The late Tim Polk, …

2019-03-21: ☕️

2019-03-21: Finished Ordination by Daniel M. Ford. As a book 1 in a triology there’s a fair amount of …


2019-03-12: Mouse Book Club takes classic books and makes them phone/pocket sized. mousebookclub.com

2019-03-11: You don’t really know if you believe in nonviolence until someone is about to swing on you.

2019-03-10: My kids (5 & 3 yrs) know that my dad died before they were born. Occasionally and totally at …

2019-03-08: Anthropologist Alfred Kroeber with baby Ursula K Le Guin (via @ScholarPics on Twitter)

2019-03-07: Teens ‘Like’ Everything on Social Media Now “A like on social media… gives us a high… …

2019-03-07: More on awkwardness in my latest for Ministry Matters: Practicing Awkwardness.

2019-03-06: I have an opportunity to do some freelance writing about homelessness for a nonprofit called …

2019-03-06: Nathan Goldman: The furor over Ilhan Omar’s remarks is not about anti-Semitism (feels like a …

2019-03-04: I am drowning in email today.

2019-03-04: Looking for lightweight, well designed donor management software for the Mac (possibly also iOS, …

2019-03-04: James Johnston, Study of Skull in Gold, 2019

2019-02-28: If you see me in public bent over a computer with my head in one hand staring through my wrist at …

2019-02-27: Once as a kid I heard you should drink so many of glasses of water a day so that night I decided to …

2019-02-25: I’m going to call my first book: ‘Go Fuck Yourself!’ and Other Unexpected Wisdom in Christian …

2019-02-25: Someone pulled a knife at Network tonight. No big deal.

2019-02-24: I got paid (!) to write about awkwardness recently. www.ministrymatters.com/all/entry… …

2019-02-20: Embrace the Awkward www.ministrymatters.com/all/entry… My latest at Ministry Matters.

2019-02-15: this is what I’ve become

2019-02-12: got a tattoo of myself

2019-02-12: Last night at Network: talking to a new guy outside. He was looking for his friend who he described …

2019-02-07: lol okay just my precious email address to combat this plague? gotcha

2019-02-06: I’ll be contributing to Ministry Matters regularly for the foreseeable future. Here’s my …

2019-02-05: when you’re at tom’s

2019-02-05: What if every State of the Union response no matter who it’s delivered by or when is a just a fart …

2019-02-03: I love the whole ethos around micro.blog. They way they communicate with users is straightforward …

2019-02-02: today

2019-02-01: Tonight I’m not feeling so good about losing this job.

2019-02-01: I not only lost a job in January, I’ve also lost 18 pounds since the beginning of the month.

2019-01-31: Welp, I'm out of a job Found out on Wednesday that I’ll be losing one of my jobs in the next month to …

2019-01-30: Every time I leave my Airpods at home I regret it.

2019-01-29: Howard Schultz didn’t build a vaguely left of center company to be taxed by the government that …

2019-01-26: “There should be less trifling with the label ‘atheism’ (which reminds one of children, assuring …

2019-01-24: king

2019-01-24: Only monsters listen to podcasts at 2x.

2019-01-24: Published in 2018 A few things I published last year that I’m proud of: * Becoming Poor and Finding Friendship …

2019-01-24: The New Old Fashioned Way In an effort to pull back from the corporatization of the web by social media companies, I’m …

2019-01-24: Currently reading: Ordination – Daniel M. Ford www.danielmford.com/books/

2019-01-20: oh mama

2019-01-04: cool. cool cool cool

2018-12-24: what?

2017-08-31: Lady of Lloret, Gerard Mas